Talking Bottom

Talking Bottom the BOOK (a guide to the cult sitcom)

June 28, 2021

All right Dickens, get on with it! We're proud to announce that we've been commissioned to write a book about Rik and Ade's best ever sitcom - Bottom. It'll be a chance for us to expand on what we've learned during our podcast in order to create the first ever unofficial guide book to the show, delving even deeper into Bottom (oo-er) and chatting with the cast and crew, looking at first draft scripts and previously unseen photographs as well as essays on each episode.

First, though, we're crowdfunding via the publisher Unbound to make it a reality. Details at link below - pledge if you can and you'll get your name in the book and a nice bit of Talking Bottom objet d'arte in return if you choose some merch AND there's a chance to grab yourself an invite to a Hammersmith pub crawl (with all the lads on the Ark Royal) when we launch the book! Thanks for reading / pledging your support if you can. Please share to spread the word.

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