Talking Bottom

S2E6 - ’s Out

December 28, 2018

Series two concludes with the episode that didn't screen in the UK until several years after it was made. Richie and Eddie lose a bet and find themselves roughing it for a week in deepest darkest Wimbledon Common with just a tin opener, a packet of chocolate hob nobs and a World Ranger Storm Buster IV Tent to keep them alive. Luckily, nature provides all they could need: a fresh water supply with delicious fish, dog shit everywhere the eye can see and a particularly keen flasher. Soon, hunger overtakes them both and there's only one thing for it - Womble hunting.


Mat, Paul and Angela discuss  comparisons with Rik and Ade's work and Samuel Beckett's plays, shooting in TV studios, the delay in transmission for the episode, annoying campers, Eddie's girlfriends, breaking the 4th wall, Richie and Eddie as kids playing dress up and flashers. Plus, the Talking Bottom quiz brings the series to a close with the most fiendish questions yet!