Talking Bottom

S2E5 - Holy

December 21, 2018

MERRY BLOODY CHRISTMAS! It's the season of goodwill and peace on Earth in 11 Mafeking Parade. Naturally, Eddie has left a series of booby traps out for Richie, who starts the day masquerading as Santa Claus in order to get at the sherry. Before you can say "half past eight and all's crap", Richie severs his finger preparing the food while Eddie decorates the flat. With the arrival of Spudgun and Dave Hedgehog and the incineration of the turkey, potatoes and Christmas pudding, it's time for traditional Christmas games such as everyone choosing Goldfinger for charades. But the arrival of the son of God soons upends their plans - thankfully Richie takes things in his stride as he relishes being the mother of the new Messiah.


Angela, Paul and Mat festively ruminate on booby traps, slaptick violence, deleted scenes, shit Christmas presents, fake turkeys, puns and double entendres, Jonathan Ross and terrible visual effects. And jingle balls ready for the Talking Bottom Christmas quiz!