Talking Bottom

S2E4 - Parade

December 14, 2018

After a busy morning scamming the police for eight quid each, Richie and Eddie retire to The Lamb and Flag, where they are able to swindle free drinks by pretending to be Health and Safety Inspectors. Soon, Richie's fictional war stories get him in trouble with a genuine Falklands war veteran, but his severe beating is interrupted by drunk bookie Tight Mouth Larry spilling not only his guts but the name of a dead cert in the 3.30 at Chepstow. Now the residents of Hammersmith just need to acquire as much cash as possible to put on the stallion guaranteed to romp home; Sad Ken.


Paul, Mat and Angela discuss Richie and Eddie in society, money making schemes, the Falklands and politics in the show, Kryten from Red Dwarf and what a RD/Bottom crossover would entail, the guest stars and their terrible crimes, Richie's lies, editing out songs sung by characters, footballers names and police drubbings. Plus; fingers on sphincters for the Talking Bottom quiz!