Talking Bottom

S2E2 - Culture

November 30, 2018

After falling behind with the rent for the TV due to Eddie purchasing some magic beans and Richie squandering the cash on a trip to Doctor O'Grady's Personal Organ Enhancement Clinic, the pair wallow in the depths of boredom with crosswords, a custardy pants tournament and Put a Bit of Sellotape on the Fridge. Inspiration strikes and an evening of chess with improvised pieces, Esther Rantzen cocktails and smoking jackets turns into an all nighter finishing off the industrial strength floor cleaner and Richie being taught the rules of chess 124 times. Eventually, the game must begin - there's only one thing for it: Attack, attack attack.

Angela, Paul and Mat ruminate on crosswords, replacement chess pieces, mountain gorilla organs and the time they tried actual Esther Rantzen cocktails at a Rik Mayall memorial convention. Plus - the Talking Bottom quiz!

Here's the link to the chess fight rehearsal video we mention: