Talking Bottom

S1E6 - Accident

August 10, 2018

Talking Bottom reaches the end of the first series with Richie’s birthday episode. Comrade Richie is another year older and excited about his impending party. Eddie’s gift of a red hot tip pays off and ensures enough booze for the thousands of birds anticipated to attend. Unfortunately, a freak accident leaves Richie’s leg in plaster and wheelchair bound. Luckily Eddie’s pals Spudgun and Dave Hedgehog are on hand to join in with a game of sardines and get through the Emmerdale Farm compilation. Wait until Norris McWhirter hears about it!


Mat, Angela and Paul talk birthdays, enemas, prostitute horses, penis spudguns, the Singing Detective and muse on the possibility of an intended Young Ones reunion in Bottom that never happened. Plus, the most controversial Talking Bottom quiz to date!