Talking Bottom

S1E5 - s’up

August 3, 2018

Eddie’s Sunday afternoon watching Big Jugs is scuppered when Mr Harrison the landlord appears, needing cover for the shop downstairs as his stupid mother has selfishly died. Richie jumps at the chance for some power and a white coat while Eddie can’t wait to get stuck into the snacks. But a series of difficult customers persuades the lads to skive off to the roof to watch the cricket; a flawless plan just so long as Richie’s rain dance doesn’t work and the thieving locals don’t notice the shop is now unattended.


Angela, Paul and Mat look at Richie’s patriotism, watching porn with your mates and what Ethel Cardew would be like if we met her. Plus an attempt to work out who actually owns 11 Mafeking Parade and fingers on sphincters for the Talking Bottom quiz!