Talking Bottom

Guest House Paradiso

May 22, 2020

Rik and Ade finally bring Bottom to the big screen, playing Richard "Richie" Thwaite (pronounced Twat) and Edward "Eddie" Elizabeth Ndingombaba (in other words it's Richard Richard and Eddie Hitler), who run the Guest House Paradiso - the worst hotel in the world. Excitement arrives in the form of Italian movie star Gina Carbonara, seeking refuge from her ill-tempered fiance Gino Bolognese. As Richie and Eddie do their best to keep the place running, their proximity to a nuclear power plant means tonight's fish dinner is going to repeat on the guests.

Mat, Paul and Angela dribble on about the Bottom universe, BBC rights, cinema viewings, fake vomit, filming stunts in reverse, saucy nymphs and happy endings. Plus a look at the original publicity materials released by the film distributor at the time, and of course the Talking Bottom quiz!

The Guest House Paradiso behind the scenes vid we talk about can be watched here:

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