Talking Bottom

S1E4 – Apocalypse

July 27, 2018

“Thieving bastard ***os!” Yes it’s the one with THAT dub! Richie’s plan to con his auntie out of some much needed cash takes a turn when the old bag dies, leaving him £600. A celebratory trip with Eddie to the funfair results in them blinding a Carni and a curse being bestowed upon Sir Richard Richard VC; he’ll be dead in three days. Can Richie survive that long without visiting the lav? Who ate the Taiwanese ranch style jumbo fishburgers? And what time is Neighbours on?

Paul, Mat and Angela go over the “yobbo” edit, at what age can someone still be an orphan and dropping a piano in a TV studio. Plus a surprise discovery of some additional dialogue that never made it to broadcast and the Talking Bottom quiz is back on topic after last week’s controversy!